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  • Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle
    If you have any larger Serum Bottle With Dropper demand, the product need to study and investigation on the glass bottle factory in advance, fully understand the various manufacturers to provide more information, and then by further purchase, so when we look at factory, from the perspective of what to do these things, a lot of people there is no special cognitive development on these...
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  • Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale
    Glass bottle now 16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps use the place very much, more common in life is to use glass of wine, so there are a lot of women's cosmetics, different products at the time of design, the overall situation will there is a difference, if we really want to do the design, what are the factors to consider? Right to combined with the actual situation, the whole...
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  • Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale
    Glass manufacturers have Frosted Glass Cosmetic Jars Wholesale a lot, and the development also has a number of ways of different models, we are all in making his own choice, should pay attention to all kinds of actual situation, it is the precondition of China make a reasonable choice, so when you want to make a choice in the process of social concern what are needed? If companies...
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  • Empty Glass Foundation Bottle
    Glass bottle factory Empty Glass Foundation Bottle to design and manufacture the mould first, glass raw material with quartz sand as the main raw material, plus other complementary makings melted into liquid at high temperature, then the injection mold, cooling, incision, tempering, to form a glass bottle. Glass bottles generally have rigid mark, mark is made of the mold shape. Glass...
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  • Oil Dropper Bottle
    Production capacity Blue Bottle Serum is processing ability of the enterprise have a parameter, it also can reflect the enterprise to produce clear glass scale. Each business executives are concerned about the production ability, because he always need to know whether the production capacity of enterprises to adapt themselves to the market demand. When the glass bottle strong demand,...
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  • glass cream jars
    From the color of the glass, high glass cream jars white material better transparency and the color of the glass bottle, and crystal white material than high white material of similar color and light transmission, high advantage is the density of high refractive index, two glass formula, high white glass need to choose less impurities, high density of fine material and quartz sand,...
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