There are all dhd drill bit kinds of drilling in the oil industry today, in a different way of drilling based on classifying drill, it can be divided into diamond bit, bit and drag bit, the three kinds of drill is one of the most basic form of the bit. In this three kinds of drill bits, used in oil drilling work is the most common and most widely a cone bit, the degree of its application is more deep. Compare the three kinds of drill bit, the minimum range of the bit is drag bit. In this paper, the diamond bit and rock bit are mainly introduced. Of drilling tool mining dth bit cutting edge using the diamond material is diamond drill bit, diamond bit's main advantage is that can adapt to high abrasive and geological harder formation, cutting performance is good. Has a significant advantage in high speed drilling.
To adapt by formation on the basis of the differences of diamond bit can be divided into the common diamond bit, polycrystalline diamond compact bit two kinds big. In this two categories, common diamond bit is suitable for the high abrasive and complex geological harder, geological formation; Polycrystalline diamond compact bit can be widely used in hard formation, formation of soft texture layer, soft hard dth rock bit moderate, its application range is very wide. Blades of different is the main difference between these two kinds of diamond bit.