From the color of the glass, high glass cream jars white material better transparency and the color of the glass bottle, and crystal white material than high white material of similar color and light transmission, high advantage is the density of high refractive index, two glass formula, high white glass need to choose less impurities, high density of fine material and quartz sand, and a white material basically is main material with quartz crystal, silicon dioxide as auxiliary material, and then processing, two kinds of materials is not the same as the process of production, high white material in our country is basically a team machine production, crystal white material mainly man-made machines. Glass bottles made from different materials, the production of products is also different. There are many corporate clients in the asking price of glass bottle, there will be someone wondering why always equal oil dropper bottle weight and equal style of glass bottle, the price is different in fact exist differences lies in the glass bottle with different material, like we can be common in the white material glass bottles in produce matched with guess reworked material, high white material and formula of the white material product price level far more than white material, so the market price is relatively higher than many in our country, some people might not understand, high white material and white material what is the difference?
Wholesale perfume bottle packaging have any Suggestions? First of all, try to ready before wholesale product design. The first step in the design is very important, need to pay more efforts. The second step, learn which 30ml dropper bottle influence customer had perfume bottle manufacturers and cooperation teaching cases, the research has reference value. Finally, in the procurement, contract, indicating the date of delivery. Glass bottle and glass bottle factory tells what is perfume of choose and buy skills: used to perfume bottles, we call it the perfume bottles. Choosing perfume bottles, usually from these aspects. Various production of perfume bottles, we can call it perfume bottles. Perfume market has long been cosmetic packaging wholesale recognized as high profits, so for the production of perfume bottles more carefully, at no cost. The first is to choose the perfume bottles, glass; Plastic, metal, crystal, according to the position to buy perfume. 2 it is to choose the style, perfume bottle packaging style, consistent with the brand concept, model needs. The third is the manufacturers price comparison.